Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Way To Contact You?


We'd love to help you as best we can! 

Our aim is to answer most frequently asked questions on our website, Facebook and on a very long winded message on our answering machine. If you still have a question, there are 3 ways to get a hold of us. We do our absolute best to answer you in a timely manner. 

You can: 



-Private message us on Facebook


Email is the fastest way. We don't call customers back past 9pm but we do email customers late into the night in an effort to be as prompt as possible.

We are at the farm a LOT during harvest so feel free to stop by and ask for us in person too!  

Business Inquiries


I'm a photographer...I have a hotdog stand...I make wreaths...

We receive 40+ requests each year about other business' coming onto our property to set up shop.

We are humbled that others recognize the beauty of our farm and thank you for the compliment however, we do not allow it. Sorry, no exceptions...if we allow 1, it opens the flood gates. 

Despite being open to the public 10 weeks a year, we work hard year round maintaining our farming business and invest a lot of resources into keeping it beautiful. We thank everyone in advance for understanding.

Pets In The Orchard


  Pets are more than welcome in the Orchard on a leash. We ask that you follow the 'stoop and scoop' rule and take your baggy with you when you leave. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to accept garbage. Yes, we've had a few people attempt to hand us filled bags of doggy waste, but please remember, we deal with FOOD, and well....enough said :) Thank you in advance for your understanding!    

Pets In The Maze


Unfortunately for safety reasons, pets aren't allowed in the Corn Maze. The paths can be narrow and a potential safety issue. We thank you in advance for your understanding.  

**Although pets aren't allowed in the maze, please note that service dogs are more than welcome!**

Do You Have A Garbage?


I'm sorry we don't keep garbage pails for customer use. We aim to limit waste and be environmentally conscious. We pulled garbage cans off our property a few years ago after accidentally turning into a car cleaning station. For that reason, we kindly ask you take your garbage home. If you need a small garbage bag, please see us at the yellow stand and we will happily provide you with one :)   

Are You Wheel Chair Accessible?


If someone has mobility concerns, we encourage you to park your vehicle close to the apple tree rows (just don't drive down the rows). We often get buses from various retirement homes and we have had great success. Chat with a Wynn Farms staff member and they can direct you to a section where the picking will be closer.  We're happy to help as best we can!

The corn maze is farm terrain and can be a little bumpy. We recommend only motorized wheelchairs. 

What Are Your Methods of Payment


We accept: 

Cash, MasterCard, Visa & Debit. 

We apologize but we do not accept personal cheques. 

Do You Have Parking Available?


Yes we do! 

We are highly focused on safety and ask people park in our parking area and not on  the side of HWY33 or in the opening to the entrance of the farm. 

While on the topic of parking. Please please please do NOT drive down the apple tree rows. It might sound kind of silly to say, but we say this for good reason.  Not only will you need a new paint job for your vehicle, it destroys our orchard that we work so hard to maintain. Thank you so much in advance!

Do You Have a Picnic Area?


We have picnic tables available for use that you are more than welcome to use! They are available on a first come first served basis. Just please make sure you take your garbage home with you.