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Pumpkin Patch


Many different varieties of pumpkins are growing:  Tall, short, small, medium, large, orange, white, warty, pie, as well as decorative gourds, butternut, acorn, spaghetti, sunshine squash and so much more!

Pumpkin Patch is now OPEN 7 days a week! 



We currently grow 10 different varieties of apples all with different ripening times to expand our harvest from Mid August until the end of Oct each year. We update Facebook & this website regularly during harvest as each variety is ready to be picked. 

Orchard is open 7 days a week beginning Saturday, August 24- November 3, 2019.

Updated: September 18, 2019

Current Apples: 

 Macs, Paula Red & Lobo

Corn Maze


Ahoy Matey! Get ready to set sail on an incredible adventure! Sail the high seas in an effort to find 10 stations, “X” marks the spot. Throughout your journey you will discover maps, ships, treasure and learn how to talk like a pirate.

Arrgghh corn maze isn’t just a maze, it’s a game, it’s fun and ye’ll learn something along the way. Welcome pirates to Wynn Farms!

Corn Maze is open 7 days a week beginning Saturday, August 24- November 3, 2019. 


No reservations required.

Caramel & Candy Apples


Our caramel and candy apples are made from scratch!  We've spent a few years tweaking our recipes to absolute perfection. These treats include a fresh picked apple & the best possible ingredients, making them a huge hit!

Moonlight Corn Maze


Looking for some evening fun? Bring your flashlight and do our maze in the dark! 

The corn maze is open every Friday & Saturday night until 10pm. 

We've  added 3 mid-week moonlight mazes and staying open until 8:30 on those evenings.

Grab a caramel apple or cup of fresh warm apple cider and warm up by the fire. 

*Last entrance into the maze is 30 min before closing*


2019 Schedule: 

Sept 13 & 14

*Mid- Week* Thursday, Sept 19th

Sept 20 & 21

Sept 27 & 28

*Mid- Week* Wednesday, Oct 2nd

Oct 4 & 5

Oct 11, 12 & 13 *Thanksgiving*

Oct 18 & 19

*Mid- Week* Tuesday, Oct 22nd

No Reservations Required

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Haunted HalloWYNN


Friday October 25, 2019  7pm-11pm 

Saturday October 26, 2019 7pm-11pm 

** Last entrance into the maze is 10:30pm**

No Reservations Required

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Welcome to Wynn Farms

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Wynn Farms

8191 Highway 33, Greater Napanee, Ontario, Canada

(613) 881-0303


Open  7 days a week  August 24, 2019 until November 3, 2019

Open Labour Day

Open Thanksgiving

** We update Facebook in the event of questionable weather**

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