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Trips are available from  September 18, 2019 - October 31, 2019

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How It Works

Apple Picking Trips: 

September 18th -October 8th

During each 2 hour visit, each child will learn about the growth and development of apples with visual images to see what happens on the farm year round. In addition, each child will learn how to properly pick an apple, pick their own mini bag of apples to take home, enjoy time for a litter free snack and experience our awesome and educational corn maze. 


Pumpkin Picking Trips:

October 9th- October 31st 

Have you ever felt like you failed? Join us as we learn about perseverance! Failure isn't failure at all! Is a way to learn, helps build character and helps us 'grow'! In 2018, we grew our first commercial crop of pumpkins. Although the end result was amazing, it didn't feel like that at the beginning!  We had studied and researched all things pumpkins but when it came time to plant, we encountered issues, we felt like we failed 4 times, but with perserverence, critical thinking and a positive attitude we did it! 


During each 2 hour visit, each child will learn about the life cycle of pumpkins, perseverance and pick their own mini pumpkin to take home. In the spring of 2019 our pumpkin patch is seeing a huge expansion, not only will each child have a few thousand pumpkins to choose from, they will have more variety to choose from (white, warty or orange).  Enjoy time for a litter free snack and as always, experience our awesome and educational corn maze.


Our 2019 CORN MAZE is....

We have a picnic area where classes spend time having their litter free nutrition break.

We can host 40-60 students per session. 

Due to the popularity of our trips and the limited time of harvest, we ask for a minimum of 40 students per session please. If you have less than 40, no problem. We just might need to put 2 small groups  together to accommodate  


Cost $7.50/ Student

We offer 1 free adult ( adult= teacher/ ECE/EA/parent helper) per 5 students maximum. You aren't required to use the maximum 1:5 supervision. You are absolutely more than welcome to arrange your supervision based on need/comfort level. For example: You can have 4 groups of 6 kids/ 1 adult and 1 group 1:1.  If you require additional supervision above the 1:5 allowance, additional adults are $8 to cover the cost of the corn maze. We apologize, but to keep consistent from group to group and confusing our staff we don't make any exceptions. 


Whoever books the trip will be emailed the invoice . Please do NOT bring payment to the farm. 

You will sign off with Wynn Farms staff member on attendance of student/adult supervision prior to leaving the farm and be billed accordingly.

Your bill will  arrive via email a few hours after your trip. Please check your junk mail folder, it will be coming from an invoice app.  At the top of the email there is an option to download your invoice as a PDF to print.

Payment is due within 14 days. It can be made via cheque, EMT or over the phone with a MasterCard.

Labeling Apple Bags

Starting in 2019 each bag will have a blank label. Please kindly bring a small sticker with each child's name on it and we will apply them to each bag at the farm.  If you forget stickers, don't fret, we will have extra sharpies available for use!

**These rates are for school groups only**

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