Jersey Mac- Early Aug
Paula Red- Mid Aug
Lobo- End of Aug
McIntosh -Early Sept
Spartan- Mid Sept
Honey Crisp- Late Sept
Cortland- Oct
Gala- Oct
Red Delicious- Oct
Empire- Oct
Ida Red-Oct

We will update Facebook & our website as each variety is ready to be picked. 

Upon arrival, please visit  us at the yellow stand before you enter the orchard. 

Apples must be picked in our bags and fit in the bag purchased. 

We apologize but we do not allow any other bags or baskets in the orchard. 

Green= STOP

Please DON'T pick in rows with a green wooden apple. They are too "green" to eat. These apples are still growing  and not ripe.  

Red= GO


Red, Ripe & Ready!

Pick in rows with RED wooden apples. They are ready! 

I know, it's totally opposite to traffic lights. A helpful hint-What color is an apple (typically) when you eat it? RED! 

Apple Cider


Our fresh pressed apple cider is made with 100% apples. No sugar or water added. Just 100% pure awesomeness.

Did you know to produce a 2L jug of apple cider it takes ~ 7 pounds of apples? That's a lot of vitamins and fiber packed in 1 jug!